When I hear the word division, I want to pass out. Division reminds me of math, and I’m awful at math, and that, my friends, is not a hyperbole. I think I’ve failed math twice at OC (yeah, it’s bad). 
When you apply that term to the South Bay, it takes on its second meaning. The confusing and seemingly random lines that divide our cities were forged long ago, and I’m fairly certain that they’re filled with the blood of the poor guy from Redondo who decided to surf in the PV boys’ spot. 
Okay, I’m about to break this down for those of you who aren’t from the SB:
Hermosa Beach: founded as a city in 1907, it was part of the San Pedro Spanish land grant. Hermosa Beach is mainly comprised of renters, usually young 20 and 30 somethings who somehow came into some money by one way or another. Hermosa has an awesome bar scene, and if you want that grungy beach experience, you’ll definitely encounter grungy beach people. Old SB people usually can be found here. 
Manhattan Beach: Ah, Manhattan Beach. The real subject that unites Hermosa and Redondo Beach is Manhattan Beach, or rather, their hatred for Manhattan Beach. Manhattan Beach used to be chill once upon a time, but then the West siders decided to move here and build enormous strand houses, find other perfect West siders, marry those perfect West siders, and pump out more perfect West sider children. Now we have perfect blonde people running around everywhere. The thing that sets Manhattan apart is quite simple: money. People from Manhattan can tell if you’re not from their fair city in aheartbeat. Granted, we can usually do the same. If you’re dressed head to toe in Lulu Lemon and are carrying a Starbucks, you probably live just off of Highland and Manhattan Beach Blvd. Congratulations on your white privilege!
Redondo Beach: R Town. I’m probably partial because I’ve spent 17 years here, but damn. We are flawless. Redondo is divided on the inside: North vs South Redondo has always been a thing.  Still, we are an amazing town with amazing people. We have the best Mexican places (this is a cold hard fact, proven by science), the chillest people, the most diverse schools, and the best burgers (I’m talking about The Standing Room, on the corner of Catalina and Diamond. GO, and be healed by Korean fusion burgers). 

I’m usually in support of breaking down barriers, unity, and “coming together”,but in this instance, I’m okay with a little hometown pride. I’m proud of what side of Pacific Coast Highway I live on. Still, never let division or differences keep you from ministering to others about Christ (whoop, there it is), because we’re all part of God’s fam. Sure, let it dictate where you surf, but never let it keep you from ministering to the surfers.



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