Bonaventura Gelato Lounge (6/26/14)

Contrary to what the name suggests, this isn’t some smoky lounge with gross pleather couches. It’s actually your run of the mill gelato place.


their best flavor is their sea salt caramel. hands down.



Downtown manhattan is the most beautiful this time of night. it’s just light enough to see the calm water and the twinkling pier lights, but dark enough where the table lamps at the kettle are turned on (a great restaurant off of manhattan beach blvd and highland…they’re open 24/7)



this is complete and shameless self promotion, but my eyebrows were slaying this evening.


Bonaventura Gelato Lounge is located in Downtown Manhattan Beach, California, right above Manhattan Beach creamery on Manhattan Beach Blvd. (Did I mention it’s in Manhattan?)



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