Redondo Esplanade (7/3/14)

I don’t always end up in South Redondo, but when I do it’s by accident and happenstance.

Just kidding. Kind of. (NORTH REDONDO, WHADDUP.)

My jazz shoes, which I’ve danced in for a good 7 years, had danced their last (murder by bell kick). So, I had to go buy a new pair. It was about 10:00am when I made the painful drive down Pacific Coast Highway, and I ended up getting to the dance store at around 10:25, AND THEY WERE CLOSED! They didn’t open until 11! 

What was I supposed to do for half an hour? I wanted sushi, but who eats sushi at 10:30am? 

So, I decided to drive down the avenues and visit the esplanade. 




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