“Poolside Purity” and why the bikini issue needs to STOP.

If you’ve been involved with a church youth group, you’ve probably received some kind of modesty talk from your youth pastor. Yes, the awkward and annoying one that probably included anecdotes about our brothers in Christ and their imminent stumbling. 

If you haven’t read the Poolside Purity post, you can find it here

Not only is it absolutely irritating, it’s underdeveloped and cruel. 

I wear bikinis. There. I said it. And you know what? I’m not ashamed, and I don’t believe it’s any reflection of 1) my relationship with God 2) my intentions with men and 3) my own self worth. 

The article states that Godly beauty entails on two things: gentleness and meekness. Stick to being these two things and you’re sure as heck on your way to becoming a godly woman. 



A thousand times…NO. 

Can you imagine if every single Christian woman only held these two traits dear? What’s wrong with variation in personalities? Godly beauty is not specific, as the post suggests. I’m not meek, and I don’t always display a quiet spirit. I’m an extrovert, I love having fun and letting loose. I’m passionate and comical and constantly entertaining the possibility of death for the sake of adventure. Does God find this…unappealing? Am I not beautiful in God’s eyes because it is not in my nature to be meek? Because I am not your standard 1 Timothy woman, am I doomed to live a sinful, secular life? And—God forbid—never be able to hook myself a good Christian man?

Furthermore, I am not objectifying myself by wearing that bikini or those shorts that end above the knee. I didn’t go to Diane’s Swimwear and ask the sales girl to find me something that would turn me into a sex object. That’s ridiculous. I’m curious, have any of you Midwesterners ever had to wear a wet suit? Boogie boarding and surfing is pretty common here in California. If you knew anything about our culture, you’d know that it is impossible to wear a one piece with a wetsuit on. You just can’t do it. So yeah, I wear a bikini when I put on a wet suit too. Are you going to tell me to stop surfing? Face the freezing waters of the Pacific for Jesus? 

I refuse to be ashamed of my body. I have a stomach. I have shoulders. I have breasts. Groundbreaking, I know. And the worst part of the shaming of women who choose to wear bikinis? It’s mostly being done by other women. That…that I cannot handle. You choose to wear one pieces! Congratulations! You are PURE and HOLY! What, do you want a medal? 

Please do not think that I look down on anyone who wants to approach their swimwear choices with modesty in mind. Everyone has agency. That being said, it is not okay to question anyone’s commitment to their faith based on a clothing choice. It’s petty, and I’m 2000% done with it. 



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