My best friend Marissa (you can find her amazing blog and photography here) and I are really anxious to get back to Oklahoma City. Like, we’re ready. It’s time. 

So, we decided to create a list as to why OC really is home, and why it’s amazing to be there. 


  1. Taco Mondays at Qdoba
  3. Credo Saturdays 
  4. People to interact with
  5. Caf cookies
  6. Taco Bell at 1am
  7. Drives down cool roads at dusk
  8. Heart to hearts
  9. Quail CoC small group
  10. Stars
  11. Homework in the corner of the library
  12. Insane Christmas lights
  13. Whataburger after 11pm
  14. Sonic Happy Hour
  15. $4 movies
  16. Braum’s ice cream
  17. Cheap 7-11 gas
  18. Beautiful countryside
  19. Freddy’s fry sauce
  20. 1:00am OnCue runs
  21. Walmart after midnight
  22. Dr. Kyle Pullen
  23. Awkwardly eating dinner at 5pm 
  24. Thrifting
  25. Summer nights under the pavilion 
  26. Pretty sunsets
  27. Good brunch places
  28. BBQ places in the middle of nowhere
  29. Pumpkin patches
  30. Actual wildlife 
  31. OKC cityscape at night
  32. Drives to Pop’s
  33. Crazy adventure we will no doubt make up because we’re broke, but will end up being the best
  34. Waiting until the last minute to get ready for a choir concert, and feeling like a professional makeup artist when your makeup actually looks halfway decent
  35. Wich Which
  36. Minor league baseball games
  37. OKC Philharmonic concerts
  38. Lighting of the Commons
  39. Fall Break survival times
  40. Laying motionless on one another’s floors when life isn’t going our way

Yeah, we’re ready to be back. Are you? After 18 hours of driving, I will be OVERJOYED to see that clock tower. 




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