Islam and the issue of Christian Hypocrisy

There were always be international conflict. There will always be evil in the form of humans inflicting suffering and pain upon the innocent.

Blood will always be spilt, and it will cry from the ground, seeking justice and action. (Cain and Abel, anyone?)

Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of anti-Islamic posts on my Facebook. People are beginning to group Islamic extremists and peaceful, practicing Muslims together into one category. The worst part? It’s mostly those who boast themselves in being followers of Christ.

I’d find this hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.

Yes, the actions of ISIS terrorists are horrifying, and yes, they identify as practicing Muslims, but is that grounds for the rest of the world to generalize? Let me draw a parallel between the issue of anti-islamic ideals and the protestant struggle with the Westboro Baptist Church.

We watch them make headlines about once a month, it seems, as they picket the funerals of soldiers. We watch them passionately declare that GOD HATES FAGS and that we’ll probably all burn in hell after we kick it. We are sickened by their actions, and make sure to let the world know that that’s NOT what “true Christianity” is, and that’s not what we Christians are “truly about”. We go to sleep at night satisfied that we have successfully rebutted the Christian extremists, that we have condemned their actions, and that we have raised enough hell to convince the general public that that ISN’T us.

As Americans slowly let anti-Islamic sentiments filter into their thoughts and minds, do they ever stop and think of the Muslims who are watching terrorists bomb, rape, and murder in the name of the Islamic faith? No, because, well…it’s very American to not give that any deep thought.

Peaceful, practicing Muslims watch ISIS make headlines daily, it seems, as they murder the innocent. They watch them passionately declare that they wish to kill the Yazidi people. They are sickened by their actions, and make sure to let the world know that that’s NOT what true Islam is, and it’s not what Muslims are truly about. They go to sleep at night oppressed and unheard as they wait for another anti-Islamic comment they will probably hear out of someone’s mouth the next day.

Christians should be working to enable the voice of Muslims to be heard, not liking Jim Bubba Earl Jr.’s Facebook post about that damn OBAMA letting no good Islams practice their religion in our CHRISTIAN COUNTRY.



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