Keep Sweet

And why do we forget to take our meds?

It’s not because we…we are irresponsible,

or scatterbrained,

or that we just don’t care…

It’s because we think we’re still 17,

dancing in our sports bra and spandex

after lacrosse practice

to the sounds of Muse and Stevie Ray Vaughn,

and the only thing we have to worry about is our grade on the next algebra test,

or if coach will start you,

or if the boy you like will ask you to the prom.

We’re still sweet 17, with stars in our eyes

and sand in our hair,

and the only pill we have to swallow

is the hard one after our SAT scores come back low,

or after Momma grounds you after you’re caught sneaking out your front window.

We were golden,

with sun in our hearts and sweetness in our blood.

We didn’t know heartache, or cruelty, or the inside of a psychiatric hospital.

We’re here; we’ve made it.

The stars burn out.

Well fucking done.


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