A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, & Why It’s Time for Neo-Conservatives to Can It

I was born this way.

I have no control over these feelings I have.

I realized I was this way when I became a teenager.

Because of this, I did sinful things, things that were not pleasing in God’s sight.

God made me this way. And does God make mistakes?

What do these statements sound like to you? Maybe a homosexual person coming out to a friend? Defending their decisions to a more “religious” friend?

Actually, these statements were made by me, and pertain to MY life as a person who is bipolar. So then why am I immune to attacks, scripture shaming, and snarky Facebook comments?

Because my sins are “different”. I am straight.

Neo-Conservatives have been whining that popular opinion has been tearing America apart, ripping the very seams of this great nation that our forefathers labored to sew for us. By golly, George Washington is rolling in his grave. Gay people? Married? Martha, fetch me a fainting chair. I did not die for this.

But, consider this. Just 60 years ago, popular opinion was that interracial marriage was blasphemy. It was sinful. It was disgusting, and looked down upon. Now we face a new revolution: a revolution to redefine what marriage in this country looks like.

What is marriage? Dictionary.com defines it as “an interPERSONAL union established to form a familial bond that is recognized LEGALLY, religiously, or SOCIALLY, granting the two parties conjugal rights.” Marriage, my friends, is a piece of frackin’ paper backed up by mutual respect and a whole lot of love.

For years, straight Americans have enjoyed the privilege of being able to be married whenever and however they want. You have been living in such privilege, my straight friends.  Now, it is time for our fellow citizens to have that same right. There’s plenty of marriage licenses to go around.

You don’t have to agree with gay couples exercising their right to be wed, but it’s time that the privileged masses SHUT THEIR MOUTHS and let the minority have their way. America will not fall to ruins. News flash: gay couples have been carrying on with healthy, productive relationships for years, and your little heart is still beating.

Celebrate. Love has won. Celebrate. Equality is here. Celebrate.

We only get so many trips around the sun, and it gives me great joy to know that others in this country get to spend their trips in bliss, happiness, and fidelity with the one they love most in this world.

Feel free to pray for this nation, and cry about our Founding Fathers’ hard work being poured down the drain, but I’m sure Ben Franklin and his French whores are celebrating with us…wherever they are.

God Bless.



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