I’ve never been what you would call a genius. I am not a good test taker. I am your run-of-the-mill student.

I am average. And sometimes, I’m even below average.


Being the Type B person that I am, I do not strive for perfection because perfection is not my end goal. My end goal is this: to learn, to retain, to apply.

We are the average. We’re the middle child. We are the students who don’t necessarily have to be looked after or need their hand held, but sometimes we get a little close to the brink of failure.

Just a little.

We are the students who try study method after study method: collaborative Google docs suddenly stopped working, so I hand-wrote my study guides for the rest of the semester.

Hand. Wrote. That’s 15 pages, front and back. I struggled to get those ready by test day. I spent every minute of my free time (which isn’t a lot) filling them out, high lighting sections to better understand what I was looking at.

Studying in the apartment got too old, so I switched to Starbucks. Starbucks was too loud, so I switched to one of those homey hipster coffee shops. Standing room only? Are you serious?

Back to the apartment I go.

We, the average, are always striving to meet our goals. Maybe this year I’ll get an A on a nursing test.


Just. Maybe.

But if we don’t? No fits are thrown. We don’t feel like the scum of the Earth. “C’s get degrees” isn’t our academic dogma, but sometimes we dream of adopting it when we wake up at 5 in the morning to study for our exams.

Here’s to you, average students, who know that it’s okay to be just the way you are, that it’s okay to walk out of an exam with an 80% but know all of the material by heart. You are not stupid, but you’re not the mathlete type either.

And that’s okay. 

Here’s to you, average students, who know that grades do not define who you are, that you don’t need the A to be a scholar, and that even just getting a degree is an accomplishment in itself. You work just as hard as the A students, if not harder.

School is not a competition, it is not a race, and you are not at odds with your peers. If this were the Hunger Games, we would be peacefully chilling out inside a tree hoping we don’t get stabbed. And I’m cool with it.


Your transcript does not determine the type of teacher, nurse, historian, counselor, psychologist, social worker, dentist, doctor, or musician you will be.

Here’s to you, average student.

Average people are the most special people in the world, and that’s why God made so many of them

-Michael Scott



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